Katarina Probuilds

Katarina Probuilds

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Katarina Probuilds explained

Based on our LoL Mid Tier List from pro builds at patch 14.12, Katarina Katarina – the Sinister Blade – is a A-Tier champion. Among professional League of Legends players, Katarina Katarina is most often selected on the Mid Mid position. This is your source to learn all about Katarina Probuilds and to learn how to play Katarina. This page shows you how a pro builds Katarina in detail. Solo queue and tournament matches played by the best Katarina Katarina players are listed.

On the current patch pros on Katarina Katarina have won 0 out of 0 matches, resulting in a win rate of 0% and a pick rate of 0%. In 3.5% of the matches Katarina Katarina is banned, because it can be very unpleasant to have to play against the Assassin Assassin. When Katarina Katarina is not banned and only the Katarina Probuilds are considered, the champion averages a KDA of 0.0 in professional players Solo Queue matches.

A Katarina Katarina probuild is best suited to counter Taliyah, to counter Hwei or to counter Syndra on the opposing team. With Katarina Katarina and the available probuilds, it is possible to minimize their strengths and exploit their weaknesses. On the other hand, Vladimir, Vex or Galio lead to desperation for Katarina Katarina players. Learn from Pros how they counter pick Katarina.

In regards to runes for Katarina you can see that Domination and Precision are the rune paths, which are preferred by Pros.

FAQ for Katarina Probuilds

On which position do the most Katarina Probuilds exist?

Pros play Katarina mostly on position Mid Mid.

Do you have some tips besides the Katarina Probuilds?

Besides checking out the available Katarina Probuilds here are a few Katarina tips, if you are an ally or enemy:

  • Picking up Daggers will significantly reduce Shunpo's cooldown.
  • Try waiting until the other team is distracted with fighting your team, and use Shunpo to teleport into the fray and unleash a devastating Death Lotus.
  • Using Shunpo on an allied Champion, Dagger, or minion can be a great escape tactic.
  • Katarina's abilities deal magic damage, so even if she's building Attack Damage items, get magic resistance to counter her.
  • Try to save a disable for when Katarina uses her Death Lotus.