Whiteboard on Wheels: Best Mobile Whiteboard for the Office

Whiteboards on wheels are a practical work tool in the office to visualize ideas and notes and make them clear for others. Due to the wheels and the frame, the whiteboard can be moved around, rotated at an angle and is mobile.

A mobile whiteboard is a matter of debate. It has many friends, but at least as many opponents. But it is an unbeatable all-rounder in everyday office life. In this article, I’ll show you some possible applications and tell you why you absolutely need a whiteboard on wheels in your office.

What should you look for when buying a Whiteboard on Wheels?

With a whiteboard on wheels, stability is of the utmost importance, and swiveling and adjustment options to lock the board and wheels in place are also quality features for a functional mobile whiteboard in the office.

  • Choose a Stand with Wheels and Brakes: If you’re going to get a whiteboard for your office, you’ll do yourself the biggest favor if the whiteboard has a stand and also has wheels. That way, the whiteboard doesn’t have to be drilled into the wall, and it’s flexible to loan between employees. Most people don’t need a whiteboard every day and so everyone on the team can benefit from it. Nevertheless, brakes are also important so that the frame does not roll away while writing.
  • The Thickness of the Whiteboard and the Resistance of the Frame are crucial: By far the biggest purchase criterion and quality feature for whiteboards with wheels is stability. When writing, a whiteboard must not give way, tip over, rotate or wobble strongly. For this, a sufficient thickness of more than one centimeter, a solid frame and snap-in functions are important.
  • Better buy a larger Model: A whiteboard, once you have it set up, will remain in use for many years. Especially in offices and meeting rooms, it’s better to choose a larger model that allows for large sketches.
  • Pay Attention to the Pivoting: The whiteboard should be swiveling in the angle, this is needed rather rarely, but in some situations it is a great help. Especially the simple rotation is useful without moving the whole frame in a circle.
  • The Assembly should be simple: Assembling the whiteboard with the frame and wheels should be doable within 25 minutes and a screwdriver is usually enough to assemble the board.

What are the best Whiteboards on Wheels?

Best Mobile Whiteboard

The decisive factor why this whiteboard is the best and has landed on the first place is due to its firmness. Nothing is more annoying than a wobbly and unstable whiteboard when writing on it. The KAMELLEO is strong, stable and fun to write on.

The whiteboard swivels and snaps into place at any angle, so you can write at an angle or pull up with a chair to draw on it. Both sides can be used freely and do not collide with the catch tray. The brakes on the wheels make the whiteboard easy to position in one spot. It has an overall thickness, which is sufficiently strong and does not yield when writing. This makes the whiteboard ready for any office use and the scratch-resistant surface coating prevents simple scratches.

The KAMELLEO can be easily moved back and forth on the wheels, making it mobile for office use. However, the brake function also allows you to lock the wheels and provide more grip and resistance when writing on the whiteboard. As usual, this whiteboard is also magnetic and has a large storage tray for pens, magnets and an eraser.

This whiteboard with wheels has a very good price-performance ratio and is very favorable compared to other top models.

Entry-Level Whiteboard

The VIZ-PRO whiteboard on wheels is particularly affordable and a great entry-level model. The overall package of this whiteboard is good and it is available in many sizes.

A special feature of these whiteboards are also the elongated shapes. Elongated whiteboards on rollers are reminiscent of a flipchart for recording ideas.

What Whiteboard Accessories should I buy?

The most important accessories for whiteboards are the whiteboard pens, a wipe eraser including cleaning spray and optionally magnets. Magnets as simple attachments or with adhesive strips make it particularly easy to attach pictures, calendars and notes on slips of paper to the whiteboard.

What can Whiteboards on Wheels be used for?

There are many reasons why you absolutely need a whiteboard.

  • Multiple Use Cases: Often you need several tools in your office, such as a beamer screen, a pinboard/magnetboard, a flipchart, a writing pad with corresponding pens, etc. All this can be a whiteboard for you! Also, you save space in the office and e.g. on the wall more space for a picture to feel comfortable. Especially a whiteboard on wheels is very suitable for this.
  • Ideal for Brainstorming: For brainstorming a whiteboard is the ideal solution. You can just write down everything that comes to your mind and if it doesn’t fit or is no longer needed, you just wipe it away.
  • Promotes Creativity: Nothing promotes creativity more than a white sheet of paper. At least one famous person said this or something similar. Instead of scribbling on a piece of paper and throwing it in the trash, sit or stand in front of your whiteboard and let the pure white surface inspire you!
  • Instant Writing Surface: you’re sitting at your desk and you have a super idea or improvement for your business. Just don’t forget. It’s best to write it down! Find paper, look for a pen or minimize the program on your PC and open another one. This will take you away from your current work and distract you. Just go to the whiteboard, write it down and continue working. I find that this is faster and less distracting.
  • Saves the Environment: Paper is great. But do you always write everything down on paper, even though you know that this sheet of paper will end up in the trash after the brainstorming anyway? You don’t have to! If you use your whiteboard on wheels as described above or in even more diverse ways, you produce less waste and do something for the environment.

What are the Use Cases for a Whiteboard on Wheels?

A whiteboard on wheels is a very versatile office supply. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The possibilities of what you can do with a whiteboard are almost inexhaustible.

  • Whiteboard Todo List: A whiteboard can be ideally used as a todo list. Tasks that have already been completed are simply wiped off the whiteboard and new tasks are added. If more detailed information about a task is required, it is attached to the whiteboard with a magnet.
  • Whiteboard Calendar: A whiteboard can also be used excellently as a calendar. Simply draw the current month on the white surface and enter upcoming appointments, tasks or the like in the various daily fields, so that nothing is guaranteed to be forgotten.
  • Whiteboard Weekly Planner: A weekly planner can also be very useful at home, for example as a family planner. In many families there is a fixed weekly schedule, in which it is written down which family member has to fulfill which task on which day of the week. Sometimes, however, the tasks are alternated between the individual family members so that no one feels disadvantaged compared to the others. With a whiteboard, you can simply wipe away the tasks that change and rewrite them without having to rewrite the entire weekly schedule.
  • Whiteboard for School: In a school there is usually always a lot of writing on the blackboard. Instead of writing on a classic blackboard, a whiteboard can also be used. The high contrast due to the white surface makes all the information much easier to read. Here, a whiteboard wall is certainly the better option. A whiteboard on wheels will probably quickly get in the way, as these need to be freestanding.

What are the Sizes of Whiteboards on Wheels?

Whiteboards on wheels are available in different sizes from 44×30 up to 96×48 inches and usually have a width shape like a blackboard. There are also elongated whiteboards.