Standard Desk Height: How tall should a Desk be?

The recommended desk height in the USA is 28.7 inches, as the average height in the USA is 5 feet 6 inches. Desks with a tabletop height between 27 and 30 inches are therefore in the ideal range to suit most groups of people.

How high should a standard Desk be?

A desk should have a height of 27 to 30 inches so that adults with a height of 5 ft 4 in to 5 ft 11 in can sit at it without any problems. The ideal average value is a desk height of exactly 28.7 inches to best accommodate all body sizes.

This value is based on the calculation of the height of the average American height. American men average 5 feet 10 inches tall and American women average 5 feet 4 inches tall. So the average height of Americans is 5 feet 7 inches, the converted ideal desk height for this height is 28.7 inches.

Once a desk is purchased, the height cannot be easily changed, so it makes sense to think about this beforehand. But if you follow the standards and guidelines of the desk height explanations, you can not do too much wrong.

How high should a Desk be depending on Body Size?

A desk should have a height that fits the height of the body, so that you can sit at it advantageously without restrictions. A person with a height of 5 feet 7 inches should sit at a table with a height of 28.7 inches, so that the right conditions are given.

In the following table you can get a quick overview of the recommended desk heights for adults.

Body HeightOptimal Desk Height
4 ft 8 in24.3 in
4 ft 10 in25.2 in
5 ft26.1 in
5 ft 2 in27.0 in
5 ft 4 in27.8 in
5 ft 6 in28.7 in
5 ft 8 in29.6 in
5 ft 10 in30.4 in
6 ft31.3 in
6 ft 2 in32.2 in
6 ft 4 in33.0 in
6 ft 6 in33.9 in
6 ft 8 in34.8 in
6 ft 10 in35.6 in
Overview of the ideal height of the desk for adults in inches

Please note: These specifications are only approximate values. In practice, deviations of plus/minus 1 inch is likely.

How to calculate the ideal Desk Height by Body Size?

To calculate the recommended desk height for a person, you simply divide your height by the value 2.3. So, for an average tall person in the USA of 5 feet 6 inches (66 inches), divided by 2.3, the recommended desk height is 28.7 inches.

When you sit down on a chair at the desk, you want to achieve a 11 inches distance from the tabletop to the chair height.

What is the best way to measure the Desk Height?

To measure the height at a desk, it is best to take a tape measure and place it on the floor and measure the height to the highest point of the tabletop. The distance from the floor to the top edge is the height that is relevant for the measurement to the optimal desk height.

It makes sense when buying a desk to make sure that the tabletop is not more than 2.4 inches, otherwise there may be problems between the seat height and the desk height.

Why is the right Desk Height important for Health?

For a healthy posture when sitting at a desk, the desk height is a decisive feature, as it determines how high one can sit and at what angle the arms can be placed. An optimal desk height, together with the seat height, ensures an ergonomically advantageous sitting posture.

First and foremost, the desk height must allow you to sit at it with the chair height that suits your height and to rest your arms loosely on it at a 90-degree angle without having to lift your shoulders or lean on it too much.

If one sits at a desk with an unsuitable height, this transfers fast into an unfavorable seat attitude and back pain, neck pain as well as lumbar vertebrae pain are the consequence. To prevent these tensions in everyday life, focus on the right desk height and, in connection with this, also on the right chair height.

If a desk is too low, you automatically sit too low, which causes your pelvis to tilt back when you sit and your legs to be bent too much. This causes knee pain on the one hand, but also back pain, as the upper body leans forward.

If a desk is set too high, the shoulders are not in a relaxed position because they are lifted when lying on the desk. This puts a lot of strain on the shoulder muscles and can lead to shoulder, neck and back pain. The more often one sits in such a position, the worse this can become.

From Desk to Standing Desk: Height-Adjustable Desks

Do you like to game standing up from time to time? Or is your desk also used by someone else? Then a height-adjustable desk is the best choice. You can raise or lower such a desk electrically. The desk height can usually be adjusted between 25 and 52 inches, so there’s the right height for everyone.

To determine the optimal height for a standing desk that you use for gaming, simply stand up straight and angle your arms at right angles. Then measure the distance between the floor and your forearms. Now you know the optimal height for working while standing. Such an electrically height-adjustable desk is ideal if the desk is also used by others. This way, everyone can easily set the ideal height for them.

How high should a Dining Table be?

A dining table should have a table height of 28.7 inches, since an average person in the USA is 5 feet 6 inches. For tables for many people, the rule is to choose the average value as a compromise for the table height.

This way, the perfect dining table height is not realized for everyone, but it is the most reasonable method to provide the best conditions for everyone sitting at the table. Since you can’t use height-adjustable tables everywhere, you have to agree on a fixed height in a household for dining tables, living room tables, and even in the office for meeting tables.

How high should a Children’s Table be?

Children with a height of 3 feet and 10 inches should sit at a table with a height of 18.1 inches. Depending on the child’s growth, the table height should be adjusted so that the child can sit ergonomically and a good sitting posture is trained at a young age.

Since children grow very quickly, it makes a lot of sense to choose height adjustable desks for kids.

In the following table you can get a quick overview of the recommended table heights for children.

Body HeightOptimal Table Height
2 ft 6 in13.0 in
2 ft 8 in13.9 in
2 ft 10 in14.8 in
3 ft15.7 in
3 ft 2 in16.5 in
3 ft 4 in17.4 in
3 ft 6 in18.3 in
3 ft 8 in19.1 in
3 ft 10 in20.0 in
4 ft20.9 in
4 ft 2 in21.7 in
4 ft 4 in22.6 in
4 ft 6 in23.5 in
Overview of the ideal height of the table for children in inches

Please note: These specifications are only approximate values. In practice, deviations of plus/minus 1 inch is likely.

Conclusion: Correct Sitting Posture is essential when Gaming

To prevent serious health problems, correct sitting posture is essential when gaming. This requires more than expensive furniture. The most important factors are desk height and gaming chair height. You should always sit upright with your back against the backrest, while both your upper and lower legs and your upper and lower arms form a right angle. If this is not the case, correct either the desk height or the seat height.