Best MMO Mouse for Gaming in 2022

With the best MMO mouse, you can get the most out of your gameplay in games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2. But there are countless MMO mice on the market and only a few are worth your money. That’s why we’ve collected the best models for you and sorted out the crap.

In MMOs like World of Warcraft, the right input devices are especially important. Especially the right mouse often decides about victory or defeat. Players of MMOs have completely different demands on the mouse than players of fast shooters.

Therefore, we know exactly what is important for the best MMO mouse and which mice are good. Based on the criteria of price, build quality, functionality and technical performance, we have made our selection here.

Best MMO Gaming Mouse

In contrast to the usual tests of mice, we are only marginally interested in things like maximum DPI or polling rate. On the one hand, they are not crucial in an MMO and on the other hand, the current mice hardly differ from each other anymore. On the one hand, we look at the handling of the mouse and especially at special functions. For example, what about the additional thumb keys, are they easily accessible or do you need bent fingers for some keys? After all, the average MMO player spends a lot of time with the mouse in his hand. On the other hand, we also go into cool special features, such as customizable weights, adjustable keys or comfortable rests for the thumb.

High-End Model

Razer’s update to the Razer Naga Trinity retains everything that made the design so good. The Razer Naga Pro is a top-notch MMO mouse with a variety of customization options and tremendous flexibility thanks to three easily changeable button layouts. Mix Razer’s excellent software into the mix and you’ve got a mouse on your hands that’s up to virtually any challenge.

In addition to the interchangeable side panels, there are three connectivity options available to you here, including two wireless and, of course, wired.

The basic shape of the Razer Naga Pro has barely changed from its immediate predecessor. It is a right-handed mouse with a significant tilt on the left side to accommodate the 12-button MMO keypad. This shape is enormously convenient for right-handers, especially for all palm and claw grippers. Nevertheless, the 12 side keys should be better distinguishable so that you always hit the right button.

Also slightly different are the DPI buttons, which are slightly offset compared to the Naga Trinity. This means you’re less likely to accidentally hit them, as they’re surrounded by a lightly textured, matte, high-quality plastic.

In terms of gaming performance, the Razer Naga Pro also has a lot of changes and improvements under the hood. You can adjust the optical sensor to work with up to five sensitivity levels. The two sensitivity buttons can be used to trim the mouse up to 20,000 DPI. Also, the sensor works at a maximum speed of 650 IPS and an acceleration of 50g. As a garnish, there are optical mouse switches that come along with a 70 million click life as well as a 100 hour battery life.

Of course, the Naga Pro shines with its excellent build quality. It’s made of solid matte plastic and everything fits perfectly. There are also high-quality VG PTFE mouse feet that allow the mouse to float over the pad, and an insanely good paracord cable.

Except for the price, there’s nothing to complain about here. But if you can afford it, you’ll definitely be happy with this MMO mouse.

Price Performance Choice

HyperX’s Pulsefire Raid is a relatively light MMO mouse (less than 100g), which also scores with its accurate optical sensors (Pixart 3389 with 16,000 DPI). For a price in the mid-range segment, you get flawless technology, a chic illumination and a good number of assignable side buttons on the plus side. Everything you expect and need from a MMO mouse.

Of course, you have to make a few concessions in terms of workmanship due to the price. On the one hand, the side buttons could be a bit more stable. Furthermore, the mouse wheel is a bit spongy. Another problem for some of you could be the aforementioned side buttons.

They are placed a bit awkwardly for larger hands, since they are quite close to each other. For smaller hands, reaching the sniper button could become a challenge. In addition, the accompanying software is unfortunately a bit confusing and immature. Atleast it works for the most part.

Apart from the points of criticism, you get a very good MMO mouse, which is also extremely comfortable for right-handers. Your hand is automatically in a comfortable position, with the rubberized sides for the pinky and thumb providing good grip. We also like the side-click mouse wheel, which gives you even more input options.

Full Flexibility

If you’re looking for something a little more premium, the Naga Trinity from Razer is an excellent choice. Not only do you get more quality, but also more functionality and versatility. Thanks to interchangeable magnetic side panels, the Naga Trinity is ready for any genre, whether you only play MMOs or MOBA games. And this is definitely the Trinity’s strongest unique selling point, which you won’t find on many other mice.

Although the Synapse software is not compatible with macOS and the high back of the mouse is less ideal for small hands, there is little to complain about. From a technical point of view, the Trinity completely cleans up with an extremely low click latency, a flawless high-end Pixart sensor and high-quality Omron switches.

In addition, there is the high-quality workmanship. Although the Naga Trinity is completely made of plastic, it feels very robust. Even the replaceable side panels sit bombproof and there are no unnecessary gaps or wobbly individual parts.

On top of that, there’s great ergonomics for right-handers, though the MMO mouse is more suited to claw and palm grips due to its size. Rounded out by a quiet click noise and great software, the Naga Trinity offers a lot for its slightly higher price tag.

Alternative to the Naga

If you have slightly smaller hands, then Corsair’s Scimitar Pro is the perfect alternative to the Naga for you. With twelve side buttons, the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB is an excellent mouse for MMOs. With a small included screwdriver, you can loosen the side button block and move it to the left or right. So that your thumb can really reach all the buttons.

The Scimitar also convinces in terms of build quality and is one of the highest-quality mice we have tested so far. Thanks to an aluminum frame, absolutely nothing wobbles here and the case is also reinforced on the underside around the sensor. This results in a slightly higher weight, which is still within reason for MMO mice. Only the cable is a small minus point here as well.

In terms of performance, a Pixart 3367 convinces with impeccable tracking, low click latency as well as lift-off distance and a very wide DPI range. Add to that the excellent and easy-to-use iCUE software, with which you can easily customize everything to your preferences.

In terms of comfort, the Scimitar’s 11.7cm design combined with its high “hump” makes it perfect especially for the claw grip. However, it will also be very comfortable for most of you to handle for the other grip types.

So, bottom line, this is an excellent MMO mouse with only minor negatives.

Budget Pick

If you are looking for a cheap entry-level mouse for MMOs, you should take a look at the Redragon M908. The focus is clearly on the low price, which is why the mouse is especially interesting for budget gamers. But the M908 also has something to offer besides the price.

Starting with the astonishingly good workmanship, which is rarely found in this price range. Although the materials don’t seem first class, the mouse is well manufactured: No rattling or wobbling parts. Unfortunately, the side buttons are quite spongy and don’t offer such good haptic feedback.In terms of comfort, we have to mention the odd dimensions and excessive width, which makes the M908 unsuitable as a mouse for small hands. On the other hand, it is well suited for medium-sized hands in palm or claw grip. Unfortunately, the surface of the mouse is a bit slippery, which makes it lack grip. Nevertheless, the shape of the mouse fits your hand nicely and the thumb rest is comfortable.

In the technical area, you have to make minor concessions with the sensor due to limited DPI levels as well as a non-centered sensor eye. The latter can be unfamiliar for many and lead to inaccuracies. Thanks to the many programmable side buttons as well as a passable software, this can be tolerated at this price.

All in all, the M908 offers price-conscious gamers decent performance for their money. There are also few to no alternatives at this price point, which is of course a plus. However, for those with a bit more budget, we’d rather recommend one of the other models.

Wireless and Affordable

Finally, a MMO mouse without a cable. The Logitech G604 Lightspeed is the successor to the G602. It seamlessly follows the design and performance of its predecessor, but improves a few things.

In terms of design, the G604 is more like the G502, but offers you more assignable buttons on the left side, as well as a comfortable thumb rest, which provides a good grip when gaming. The design is much slimmer than its predecessors, but the back of the G604 is quite high, making the mouse less ideal for people with smaller hands. For all other sizes, however, it can be recommended for all grip types without exception.

In terms of workmanship, the pleasantly soft surface should be mentioned, although it can be a bit slippery in places. In addition, there is a generally excellent build quality with solid materials, as well as good pressure points on all buttons.

Beneath the sleek design, there’s also plenty of powerful technology. The flawless 25K sensor here, in combination with the Lightspeed dongle, ensures a lag-free gaming experience at a 1000Hz polling rate. On top of that, there’s an extremely low click delay, which is rarely seen in wireless mice in this price range. Aditionally you get macOS compatibility, good battery life, and an optional Bluetooth mode.

You’re making an extremely good catch with the G604. It is a clear upgrade to the G602 and hardly leaves anything to be desired. If you are looking for a wireless mouse for MMOs at a fair price, you will find it here.

For Bigger Hands

Also wireless, but bigger than the G604 – if you are looking for a MMO mouse for big hands, the ASUS ROG Spatha X is the right choice. It is a bit more expensive, but it also comes with a lot of features.

Starting with the ingenious RGB lighting, which you can control in three zones and customize in the ASUS software. But one of the most unique features is definitely the customizable click resistance. The Spatha’s right and left click buttons use ROG Micro switches, which you can swap out.

For the money, you expect excellent build quality and that’s what you get. The base frame is made of magnesium and nothing about the mouse feels loose or wobbly. Of course, this also increases the weight of the mouse, which may be too bulky for some. However, since this is an MMO mouse, that should be less of an issue. The mouse switches are designed for 70 million clicks.

The ergonomics of the Spatha are also excellent, although it is designed for right-handers. Although the mouse looks quite big and bulky, all the buttons are very comfortable to reach. The grip surfaces on each side are also very comfortable, as the thumb and little finger can rest on them and get a grip.

On the technical side, there is little to complain about. An 19,000 DPI optical sensor was used here, which works flawlessly. Despite this, you get a low click delay and a whopping 1,000 Hz polling.

We can still clearly recommend the ROG Spatha X. For people with big hands, there are no real alternatives when it comes to MMO mice.

MMO Mouse: What is Important when Buying?

If you still have a few problems when choosing the best MMO mouse for you, then the following points may help you. Based on this, you can then decide what is most important to you and choose accordingly. Because the above MMO mice are all in their own way – otherwise we wouldn’t recommend them.

Number of Buttons

As a gamer, obviously. But if you’re a non-gamer looking to buy a gift for a friend, for example, you might overlook it. But the most important element of an MMO mouse are the side buttons. A normal gaming mouse might be ok for other genres, but for more complex MMOs they often don’t offer enough assignable buttons.

How many programmable buttons your MMO mouse should have is ultimately up to you. However, as you can see above, different models offer a different number of buttons.

Condition of the Side Buttons

Yes, not only the number, but also the surface texture of the side buttons is relevant. Because with so many extra buttons on the side, you need to be able to distinguish them without looking.

It helps if the mouse has tactile differences in the keys:

  • Buttons in an oval or circular arrangement
  • curved sides that face each other
  • mixing rough and smooth textures
  • different angles of the button surfaces

This varies depending on the model, and some do it better than others. But often this point is also a matter of taste. Some MMO mice even let you replace the side keys completely modularly.

This varies depending on the model and some do this better than others. But often this point is also a matter of taste. Some MMO mice even let you change the side buttons completely modular.

Dimensions, Comfort and Handling

Generally, the most important criterion for all gaming mice is: How comfortable is the mouse in the hand?

But this is even more important for MMO mice, because you often have the mouse in your hand for hours on long raid evenings. So an MMO mouse should emphasize comfort while gaming all the more.

And that means not only that your fingers and palm are well supported, but also that the side buttons are easy to reach. Since everyone’s hands are different, it’s even more important to measure your hand size and choose the right mouse size. Your grip type also plays a role, which is why we usually say something about the suitability for the respective grip types.

Good Software for Macros

Creating macros in the software of your MMO mouse should be intuitive and error-free. Today’s MMO mouse software is usually more than capable of this, but there are better and worse examples.

Advanced options are crucial for MMO freaks. How sophisticated can your macros be? Can the software create one that launches other macros under certain conditions?

So if macro creation is one of your most important criteria, keep a special eye on the sophistication of the software.

Profile Management

You should be able to save as many game configuration profiles as you want with your MMO mouse software. Furthermore, you should be able to change them on the fly. Pressing a button should switch profiles and assign the side buttons accordingly.

For example, if you are playing several characters at once in an MMO like World of Warcraft, then you should be able to use individual macros for each with a profile change. You should be able to assign this profile change action to a mouse button yourself. In addition, your profiles should be exportable.

What is the best MMO Mouse?

To be honest, any of the above MMO mice will perform well during gameplay. However, if you had to force me to pick the best MMO mouse, I’d go with the Razer Naga Pro, it’s a great mouse in terms of quality and accuracy. With the removable side panels, it could do double duty for occasional frag sessions.

That said, the Razer Naga Pro is definitely considered one of the greatest MMO gaming mice of all time, both in terms of performance and looks. Ergonomic, very comfortable, the right weight, fully customizable, what more do you need?