Gifts for Gamers

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion: If you want to give a passionate gamer a gift, but you’re not familiar with the subject yourself, you might feel overwhelmed by the immense number of possibilities and the subtleties that need to be considered. Therefore, we give you an inspiring overview of the best gamer gifts!

The best gift ideas to make gamers happy

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or just out of the goodness of your heart: If you want to give gamers a gift but are not familiar with the subject yourself, you may feel overwhelmed by the immense number of possibilities and the subtleties that need to be taken into account. That’s why we’re reducing the difficulty at this point and giving you a guide to inspire you to make the right gift!

Replenishment is Never Wrong

Gamers like games and are always happy to get more. As obvious as this fact may seem, at the end of the day it is very complex – after all, the ideal piece of software depends on a number of factors. In this respect, giving away a specific title is especially recommended for people who have a halfway accurate insight into the hobby of the gamer to be pleased. In this case, follow carefully if, for example, commercials or YouTube clips for current blockbusters are viewed with particularly rapturous eyes!

On the other side of the time beam, there might be classics from years gone by that would fulfill the gift recipient’s nostalgic dreams? Even more so than one of today’s popular HD remakes, a childhood memory in its original format makes a lot of difference in this regard; the gift immediately gains emotional value. A trip to the local retro buy-and-sell might be worthwhile.

Meanwhile, while vouchers may not win any creativity prizes, their usefulness is undisputed among stout-hearted gamers: with credit for the online store of their choice – regardless of whether it is accessed on the PC or the console – gift recipients can decide which product they want to purchase on a digital basis according to their needs and at their own discretion. Basically, all you need to know is the lucky kid’s preferred platform to deliver what is sure to be a usable gift!

Upgrades, Alternatives and Virtual Realities

Speaking of preferred platform, why should it be just one? In the hardware sector, you can find gifts for gamer friends that are guaranteed to make an impression – albeit at a price. While giving away PC components only seems advisable with the appropriate expertise or precisely formulated wishes due to the technical complexity, things are more straightforward in the console sector: Would a Switch with Nintendo’s outstanding exclusive titles possibly be an alternative to the high-end spectacle from Sony and Microsoft… or the other way around? An upgrade within the already proven console family (i.e. to Xbox One X or Playstation 4 Pro) also appeals to many gamers even shortly before the dawn of a new generation.

There are also countless gift ideas from the diverse range of accessories. The more expensive options in this area include modern TVs and monitors, comfortable gaming chairs or high-quality headsets. Alternatives in the mid-price segment can be found just as well, while items like gaming mice, mouse pads, keyboards, controllers or special backpacks and carrying bags don’t have to tear too big a hole in one’s financial planning. In addition, external hard drives or SD memory cards are tried and tested classics and are particularly suitable for gamers who prefer to download their games or generate large amounts of data, for example by recording gameplay.

Advanced virtual reality offerings continue to fill an exciting niche: While most solutions require a powerful PC, corresponding glasses are also available for the Playstation 4. The initial hype around this engaging experience has since faded, but unexpectedly successful crowd-pleasers like “Beat Saber” or full-fledged adventures like “Half-Life: Alyx” suggest that the concept might have a promising future despite all skeptics.

The World of Merchandise

Where do we even begin? When it comes to fanservice, video games have long been in no way inferior to their cinema counterparts, resulting in a tremendously wide selection of merchandise for gamers. The figurine segment alone is a small science in itself – after all, popular characters from a wide variety of games are made into Funko Pop!s as well as life-size, sometimes breathtakingly detailed statues. If you want to give a gift to a game-enthusiastic person with a passion for the right decoration, a flexible approach opens up to you on the price level as well.

Maybe you can even kill several birds with one stone? If you like to hold both controllers and books in your hands, you’ll be happy to receive good literature to accompany your favorite game series. If the recipient is enthusiastic about gaming as such, the often very attractively prepared specialist literature will deepen their understanding of the history and background of the art form.

Last but not least, gaming-related clothing is enjoying sustained popularity: from caps to shirts to socks, fans of major franchises in particular can wrap themselves completely in textiles with motifs of their favorites. Not all of these items strictly speaking pass as useful or wearable on a daily basis, which is why they may be more suitable as a small goodie than as a big main gift. Pro-tip: The official stores of publishers and developers occasionally offer exclusive products with which the gift recipients can stand out in style from the articles in the usual catalogs and the like!