Best Zombie Games for PS4 in 2022

Looking for the best zombie games for PS4? Then we have something for you. The best zombie games are about more than just brain thirsty undead. Sure zombies are the focus, but it’s also about humanity facing a common enemy. About humans being forced to use their primal survival skills and find out how effective a shotgun can be at close range. So the best zombie games cover a lot more than just blunt shooting. And they’re a hell of a lot of fun, too.

Our selection of the best zombie games for PS4 has everything an undead fan could ask for. All genres are mixed, from classic horror, zombie shooter, strategy to survival with resource management – it’s all here. This list is aimed at presenting you with the best zombie games regardless of genre. Sure, many of them could be classified as horror. But in the end, it’s all about how well your brain-hungry enemies are staged, whether as a terrifying threat or endless cannon fodder.

So, let’s get started. Have fun with our list for the best zombie games best for PS4!

Dying Light

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse! At release, Dying Light enjoyed only limited popularity. Many were annoyed by the annoying bugs and other weaknesses. But patch after patch, the developers from Techland polished the game to a high gloss and the hype began. In the meantime, the game has made the eyes of friends of the zombie genre shine.

But before you jump into the undead battle here, a warning should be given. Dying Light does not refrain from depicting explicit violence. Zombie by zombie you slice your way through the enemy masses in good old splatter style. The adrenaline level is at maximum at all times and doesn’t drop anytime soon.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

With Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the developer studio Techland presents the sequel to the open-world action role-playing game Dying Light, which was released in 2015. A total of 25 million players fought against numerous undead in the post-apocalyptic world of the first part.

Techland presents a worthy successor to the original. Many familiar game elements can also be found in the second part and should especially please fans of Dying Light. But also the story and the atmosphere of the game always provide exciting moments. The day and night cycle builds up additional pressure. You certainly won’t get bored in the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Those who already liked the first part of the franchise will also enjoy the successor. A lot of course elements paired with wild zombie carnage are a guarantee for gaming fun. Thanks to the various weapons and upgrades or modifications, gamers will enjoy a variety of ways to take down the enemies. The stealth elements also provide variety.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

There are many zombie games that have chosen Left 4 Dead as the model par excellence. Zombie Army 4 is probably one of them. While the title can’t keep up with the shining light of developer legend Valve, it’s certainly an entertaining zombie game.

Fans of trash movies like Iron Sky will also enjoy the crazy setting. The focus here is on Nazi zombies that are out to get you. So it’s a case of: Grab your gun and start shooting! Some people might not like the blunt shooting, but it’s a lot of fun.

It should be said that solo entertainment is not provided for long. The digital shooting gallery is a bit too monotonous for that. However, those who join the zombie battle in a team will have a lot of fun.

Killing Floor 2

Are you in the mood for an entertaining zombie adventure with a good portion of splatter? Then Killing Floor 2 is exactly the right game for you. Here you can go on a fun undead hunt together with friends, which also offers playful depths despite its accessibility. You can choose between different classes and improve them bit by bit.

But be careful! The entertaining slaughterfest also has its pitfalls. Sometimes, due to the sometimes high difficulty level, you’ll be killed faster than you’d like. This is where teamwork is called for! Work together with your comrades-in-arms so that everyone has each other’s backs.

That way you can stop the monster masses together! A special highlight are probably the boss fights. Here, not only the mass of red life juice is extremely high. On top of that, you’ll also have to proceed well-considered here, so that you emerge victorious from the fight. Perfect fun for co-op friends!


Many zombie games focus only on the dangers posed by the undead themselves. But during a zombie apocalypse, it’s not only the gruesome creatures that seek your life. There are other factors that, over time, turn into a real fight for survival.

DayZ has made it its challenge to be a true zombie simulation. Here you’ll not only have to fight the undead, but also keep an eye on your character’s vital signs. Hunger, thirst and resource scarcity are omnipresent and can be life-threatening sooner or later. With this extra portion of simulation, DayZ took a real pioneering position.

After all, from then on we could find survival mechanics in other games like The Forest, Rust, The Long Dark. With this, DayZ manages to build up a permanent tension. Here you can’t just hide in a dilapidated house and hope for improvement. Sooner or later you’ll have to get out again to secure supplies.

World War Z

World War Z death-defyingly jumps into the breach and fills the gap that Left 4 Dead left in the heart of intrepid co-op zombie hunters: Here, too, four players with characters of different classes face a nagging threat, which they can only deal with through a balanced mix of teamwork and unleashed violence. Heavily armed specialists have to fight their way through story-based campaigns in overrun metropolises such as Tokyo or Moscow and have to deal with furious infected in absurd numbers – the towers of undead known from the Hollywood movie of the same name are, of course, also to be conquered and survived here!

7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die is, at least in theory, a blueprint for a damn good zombie game. This title combines the zombie apocalypse with plenty of survival elements. But 7 Days to Die goes one step further and throws another ingredient into the recipe for success – Minecraft’s digital construction kit.

Just like in Mohjang’s global success, you can build lots of things to protect yourself from zombies. The setting is quickly told. In 7 Days to Die you find yourself in a post-nuclear world that is anything but life-affirming. Day after day you have to fight for your survival.

Not only bloodthirsty zombies stand in your way. Animals can also become a real danger to life and limb. After all, they also have to eat something in the zombie apocalypse. Definitely a good zombie game for all Minecraft fans!

The Evil Within 2

The zombies in The Evil Within 2 may not be as numerous as in other games, but the danger they pose grows as you advance in the game. The zombies in this game require a methodical strategy, so prepare yourself if you want to win. This isn’t because they are so hard to fight, but because you don’t want to startle the other zombies in the area. Also, with so many enemies scattered in different areas of the game, you should save up as much ammo as possible.

The ability to kill zombies while remaining undetected is crucial for your success in this game. The Evil Within 2 takes a different approach from the first part, allowing you to move freely early on. If you have played the original game, you’ll notice how drastically different the first impressions are from this one, as well as the environment locations and the wonderful atmosphere that is bursting with tension. Many aspects of The Evil Within 2 are very different from its predecessor, and that often makes the game better.


In Zombi you’ll find yourself in a rather atypical setting. Or do you know of another zombie game set in London? Originally, Zombi was released with the nickname U in 2012 for Nintendo’s Wii U. Here, you used the handy gamepad to organize your inventory, among other things. However, the zombie adventure also works excellently without the second screen.

A lot of suspense makes sure that you don’t get away from the screen too quickly. Even the sometimes somewhat poorly detailed setting can’t change that. Here you are regularly frightened and have the feeling that you are permanently exposed to danger. But you are never really safe in Zombi.

Instead, you always have to worry about losing the loot you got with the next screen death. Then it starts all over again. What may sound like a lot of frustration at first, makes Ubisoft’s zombie action a real insider tip.

Dead Rising

The fact that the zombie apocalypse doesn’t necessarily have to consist of barren wastelands, claustrophobic horror scenarios and sad fates is underlined by few franchises more thickly than Dead Rising. The long-lived series is at its strongest when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead offers you an equally colorful and gory playground: Hundreds of undead in a pile aren’t so much concrete threats as they are an involuntary experimental laboratory for wacky do-it-yourself weapons, where creativity far outweighs realism.

Dead Rising 4

With Dead Rising 4, developer Capcom Vancouver goes a bit further away from the serious aspects that once characterized the game. But does that harm the game? Not at all! The zombie-shredding, in which you can once again use a wide variety of weapons, is a lot of fun and has real addictive potential.

Especially friends of large zombie hordes will get their money’s worth here. Sometimes Frank fights his way through the masses of undead like a wrestler. The focus is once again on a shopping mall with classic gigantic dimensions. Anyone who has ever shot at a group of zombies in the narrow aisles of the mall with the Blast from the Past will not be able to stop so quickly.

By the way, this is a combination of a sledgehammer and grenades. This gives you a brief impression of the wacky but fun weapon selection in Dead Rising 4. Let the zombie hunt begin!

Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios’ fantastic four-player co-op game Back 4 Blood satisfies our zombie hunting cravings. Turtle Rock Studios is known for their work on the Left 4 Dead series and it shows in this game.

There are plenty of infected and dangerous special mutants to fight in this zombie shooter. The storyline also makes for humorous entertainment. A strong multiplayer mode that will keep you busy for many hours is also present. Back 4 Blood has a strong nostalgic appeal, and the crossplay between PC and console players ensures a lively community of players, with many matches in which you’ll be able to destroy legions of zombies.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Do zombie games always have to be brutal and scary? EA sees it a bit differently. With its Plants vs. Zombies series, the giant publisher has created a fun and, above all, entertaining zombie game that can now also be played as a shooter.

However, just because the developers are going for a rather childish design here doesn’t mean that this is a children’s game at all. On the battlefield, there is a lot of action between the plants and the undead. This carnage is sometimes pure madness! You can choose from different classes of both flora and undead fauna.

The different classes with their different characters and imaginative attacks offer a lot of variety. The multiplayer hit doesn’t only score points in terms of gameplay. The graphics are also beautiful and form a great contrast to other representatives of the zombie genre thanks to idyllic panoramas.

Metro Exodus

With his Metro series of books, Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky has created a great trilogy of modern literature. Translating it into the world of video games was a pleasing step and we enjoyed all of its parts. Metro Exodus, as the third and last part of the series, offers a gigantic game world that invites exploration.

However, the environment is anything but inviting. In post-nuclear Russia, there are a lot of scary creatures that have been affected by the radioactive radiation. Developer 4A Games manages to build up a lot of tension. One horror moment follows the next. But not only mutated animals make your life difficult here, ghouls and zombies also get in your way.

Here you have to take a deep breath and either pull out your weapon or sneak past. The choice is yours. This freedom is also reflected in the different endings Metro offers you. If you go peacefully, you’ll also see a positive ending flicker across the screen. Now also available as an improved version for the PS5.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie-Chronicles

Have you finished the campaign of Black Ops 3 and don’t want to play the same online multiplayer over and over again? Then you should definitely take a look at the zombie mode of the world-famous shooter. This has almost become a tradition in CoD history. In Black Ops 3, however, it has been perfected and provides a lot of fun.

It’s by no means just plain shooting that’s on the agenda. Instead, developer Treyarch focuses on a creative and extremely intense gaming experience. Minute by minute, you’ll have more sweat on your brow. However, once you have completed a battle, the XP advancement system provides a motivational boost.

This creates a real addiction factor that you won’t be able to resist anytime soon. Treyarch has even spun an exciting story around the zombie mode. Similar to Left 4 Dead, you’re on the road here in a team with up to four fighters and try to escape the omnipresent threat of the undead. A classic that you shouldn’t miss if you’re a zombie fan!

They Are Billions

They Are Billions also relies on an exciting survival mode. This is a perfect fit for the genre of zombie games. But that’s it for the similarities to other games that focus on the undead. They Are Billions is a real-time strategy game.

Here you have to explore, build and expand in the typical way of the genre. The goal is to stand your ground against the gigantic zombie hordes that want to finish you off. The entry into the partly very complex game may scare some people off. But it is worth it! Once you have fought your way through the tutorials, you will experience action without a break.

This is something you are not used to from the usual representatives of real-time strategy games. At the latest, when hundreds of zombies bounce off your raised walls, you not only become aware of the threat. This also gives you the motivation to be even better prepared for the next attack. The campaign is varied and the difficulty level increases linearly. Ideal for hobby strategists who want to raise their defenses against zombies.

Days Gone

In Days Gone, SIE Bend Studio has taken the best of the zombie apocalypse and biker romance genres and made a really good game out of it. The mix of The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy provides a solid foundation for an exciting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thanks to the well-designed and large open-world, you can also take a breath between the nerve-racking battles with the zombie hordes. Here, the developers score with an almost romantic scenery of gigantic coniferous forests and orange-red sunsets. But enough of the idyll. In terms of action, the zombie adventure, which has now also been implemented for the PC, can really score points.

It’s by no means just pointless zombie shooting that’s on the agenda. If you want to have a chance, you have to proceed with an extra portion of strategy. With the help of traps and other gadgets, which you can craft in the good old fashioned way, you can make life difficult for the zombies. The perfect mix of horror, survival and stealth!

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Only Rockstar’s legendary development team could come up with this idea. Or have you ever encountered zombies in a cowboy setting before Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare? The highly praised open-world adventure from 2010 got a slightly different storyline with the add-on Undead Nightmare in the same year.

But where do we start? The pivotal point here is also the former outlaw John Marston. One day he notices that his loved ones have been infected by a treacherous virus that turns them into zombies. Thus begins an entertaining search for the right cure for son Jack and wife Abigail.

But as you can imagine, this doesn’t go without lead. Thus, mission after mission, we shoot our way through cities plagued by zombie hordes. With Undead Nightmare, Rockstar manages to knit together a wacky and entertaining story that stands out a bit from the serious story of the main game.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1

The four-season adventure series for The Walking Dead can attribute its existence primarily to the enormous success of the TV series of the same name – and as a thank-you, it demonstratively leaves it behind in many respects. Gameplay is mostly limited to increasingly elaborate quicktime events and dialog wheels to guide the brave Clementine through her youth as unscathed as possible: The little girl loses her parents in the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse and meets the convict Lee, who suddenly has to fulfill a father role in the midst of the chaos.

Serious decisions, dark secrets and moral quandaries are constant companions and cornerstones of the “drama series to play yourself” principle, which was very popular at the time.

The Walking Dead: Michonne

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

While the Telltale adaptation of The Walking Dead primarily wants to make the consequences of decisions in a post-apocalyptic world comprehensible, Saints & Sinners makes the actual fight for survival incredibly vivid: With the help of a virtual reality headset, you venture through the streets of zombie-infested New Orleans, where valuable resources want to be collected in the first-person perspective. It’s often up to you whether this happens creepily or confrontationally. Alongside musty walkers, isolated survivors and their stories cross your path, but in keeping with the series’ nature, you rarely know for sure who you can trust.

In addition to nerve-wracking gameplay and a high-quality presentation, it is this depth of content with an appealing scope that sets The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners apart from the majority of other VR action games.

Death Stranding

The man behind Death Stranding is none other than gaming genius Hideo Kojima. But his post-apocalyptic masterpiece doesn’t have much in common with Metal Gear Solid anymore. The protagonist of this dystopian adventure is Sam Bridges. Funnily enough, he is played by Norman Reedus, who most of you will surely know from the zombie series The Walking Dead.

Kojima’s impressive and partly philosophical work is based on a slightly different kind of zombies. The so-called GDs are beings that are in the afterlife, but can still make contact with the living. However, they are by no means friendly.

If one of these enemies catches you, it drags you into a lake of tar, where you meet gigantic monsters. Subsequent battles are not only nerve-racking, but also extremely entertaining. You’ll be able to effectively fight the mixed creatures with handy weapons that you’ll make from your blood and urine, among other things.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Is there much more to say about this game? With Resident Evil, Capcom probably created the most famous video game series about zombies. It all started back then on the PlayStation 1, and while the first part of the zombie adventure went down a bit, part two hit like a bomb.

What worked back then can still offer brilliant horror entertainment today – at least in the perfect remake that Capcom brought to the market in 2019. Here, the Japanese developers have not only brought the dusty visuals into the modern age. The gameplay was also changed a few times in order to eliminate moments of frustration from the past.

But the core elements remain untouched. And that’s a good thing! Exciting fights with a permanent ammunition shortage, entertaining puzzles and lots of action form the success formula of this classic. In view of the high play and visual qualities, one can also overlook the one or other B-movie moment. For us, Part 2 is still one of the best parts of the series, especially in direct comparison with other zombie games on the market.

The Last Of Us Remastered

From a purely medical point of view, we might be stretching the zombie concept a bit with this modern classic, but so be it: Joel and Ellie’s arduous journey through the ruined USA has burned itself firmly into the gaming community’s memory and set a new standard for cinematic staging at the time of release. Amidst a post-apocalypse caused by aggressive fungal infestations, a complex father-daughter relationship develops that is long past being tested by aggressive infected.

Originally released in the last days of the Playstation 3 era, the masterpiece has been graphically refreshed for Sony’s successor console and bundled with the Left Behind DLC; the sequel in turn represents one of the last big exclusives of the Playstation 4 cycle.

The Last of Us: Part II

“Milestone” is a term that is often used, but rarely justified. The Last of Us is such a milestone. Not only in the history of the PlayStation, but in the entire history of video games. What began with the first part for the PlayStation 3, developer Naughty Dog brought to a furious end in 2020 with The Last of Us: Part II on the PS4.

In The Last of Us: Part II, the developers succeed in staging a real roller coaster ride with all emotional facets. One moment you’re laughing, the next you’re shocked beyond measure. Protagonist Ellie finds herself in a post-apocalyptic world, where not a virus, but special fungal spores have led to the zombie apocalypse.

However, the focus of the 36-hour horror adventure is not only on the infected or zombies. Naughty Dog makes it clear that the greatest danger still comes from humans themselves. Thus, you’ll be confronted with an obscure cult, dangerous bandits and other groups that are all fighting for their survival. What a masterpiece!

Final Words

Between gruesome gore and great emotions, zombie games have long served a wide range of tastes: While some of our list representatives unabashedly and self-confidently invite you to the brutal slaughter, other games embed emotional stories in the merciless context of zombie world domination. All of them are probably less suitable for the faint-hearted – but those who don’t shy away from encounters with the living dead should find a variant according to personal preference here.