Best Nanoleaf Alternative in 2022

Do you love to let off steam creatively? Then take a closer look at these Nanoleaf alternatives and create unique wall lighting.

More and more people are turning to smart lighting like Philips Hue. Particularly resourceful gamers prefer to trust themselves and venture into modular LED wall panels. Nanoleaf was the first manufacturer of this LED wall lighting and set a trend in motion.

The highlight: the individual triangles, quadrangles or hexagons connect via a slot – just the way the artist likes it. In this way, countless different shapes can be put together. Creative people in particular love to give free rein to their imagination when designing wall lighting.

However, the triangular Nanoleaf Shapes cost a lot of money, which is why we have looked around for the best Nanoleaf alternatives. In doing so, we tried to always stay below the price of the original Nanoleafs to make it worth it. Whether there is a real alternative to Nanoleaf’s, you can read in this buying guide.

The most Important Facts about Nanoleaf Alternatives in Brief

The following overview shows which factors are important when selecting a Nanoleaf alternative.

  • Design: Square, triangular, round, or honeycomb: suitable light panels are available for every taste.
  • Mounting: Some models come with a stand so their users can create a free-standing light sculpture, while others are simply screwed or glued to the wall.
  • Control: Particularly inexpensive Nanoleaf alternatives can sometimes only be operated via touch control, but somewhat more expensive ones can be controlled via app or voice command instead.

What are the Best Nanoleaf Alternatives?

Nanoleaf Canvas

Squared Alternative

A Nanoleaf product as a Nanoleaf alternative? Yes, because many of you may not even know the square alternative to the more expensive Nanoleaf triangles. And this much is for sure: The Nanoleaf squares bring the same range of functions as the shapes triangle or hexagons. So if you prefer these shapes, you can still choose them and still save some money.

With the Rhythm module and a 16.8M color range, the Canvas modules work in a very similar way but are also touch sensitive. At a slightly lower price, they give you a great alternative to the Nanoleaf triangles.

Canvas uses the same Nanoleaf Wi-Fi app that lets you program the panel colors individually or create different light scenes for groups of connected panels. If you want to wake up to light, you can even program the colors to change during different times of the day.

The square size of 5.9×5.9×0.4 in is extremely lightweight and easy to install. You stick the individual LED panels to your walls with the included mounting tape and connect them via tiny removable clips. The included power supply supports up to 25 panels, which gives you some leeway.

The bottom line is that the Nanoleaf Canvas are a very good alternative to the Aurora series – especially if you want to create special motifs on your wall with the square shape. If you still really want triangles, you can also check out the Nanoleaf Triangles shapes – the features remain the same. The Shapes Triangles are slightly smaller, lighter, and thinner than the Aurora Light Panels. Also, the Shapes Triangles have a larger illuminated area, while the Light Panels have larger and angled dark corners.

Cololight Hexagon Lights

Price Performance Alternative

The Cololight Pros have only three LED modules in the starter set. However, the surcharge is well worth the many extensive functions.

There are currently two versions of the Cololight on the market. One is the 3-panel starter kit with a plastic base, as well as a version with six panels and a stone base. Compared to other competitors like the Nanoleaf Canvas Kit, the Cololights are a much cheaper option, but the lights are much more compact. Still, you can always expand your setup with a choice of 1, 3, 5, and 10 panels.

There is a connector on each side that allows you to connect each panel to create new shapes and designs. Still, wall mounting is a bit fiddly, especially since a wall mount is not included. Although there are recesses for nails on the back, this is better implemented in other models.

Furthermore, you also notice the price here, especially since the individual LED panels are not stable. The smallest impact can cause the panels to fall apart. So once you’ve created your desired design, you’d better put the part somewhere, where it can’t be knocked over.

Nevertheless, the Cololight Pro offers you a cheap and colorful entry into the world of smart lights. They may not be a real Nanoleaf alternative, but they are definitely a small decorative element on the table.

JAKROO Triangle RGB Lights

Probably the Best Nanoleaf Alternative

If you’re looking for the best Nanoleaf alternative, the JAKROO wall LEDs come very close. Here you finally get the casual triangular shape in a decent size, which means you get more lighting for your money than with the other options.

Compared to the Nanoleaf Canvas, the price per panel is lower. Compared to the more expensive Nanoleaf Shapes, it’s even a bit more.

You can’t complain about the feature set either, especially since everything is covered: 16 million RGB colors, voice control, an app is also available, installation via tape on the wall, a music mode (lights react to rhythm), and the ubiquitous modular design.

You can’t go far wrong with the JAKROOs and save some money compared to the Nanoleafs. You won’t quite match the quality of the Nanoleaf lights, as there are trade-offs in quality of build as well as luminosity. Nevertheless, these LED lights are the best alternative to Nanoleaf’s, because there is simply nothing else that would be comparable.

BENEXMART Smart LED Light Panels

Cheap Alternative

The smart LED light panels from Benemex, feel the rhythm of the music. Like the first Nanoleaf generation, the individual lights are triangles. The manufacturer includes model stickers. Before you mount the panels on the wall, you can place the stickers in the right position until you are satisfied and the actual installation begins. Once installed on the wall, you control the wall light via an app. This works on iPhone and Android smartphones. Enjoy 180 adjustable automatic modes and of course, the music mode, where the lights flash in time with the music.

LIFX Beam Seamless Light Module

Longish Alternative

As a direct alternative to the Nanoleaf Canvas you can have a look at the LIFX Beam Kit. Here you get 6 glass lights in tube form as well as a corner part for the connection. Here, all the spotlights can be adjusted individually and multiple zones can be controlled, making color transitions possible. This is also directly the unique feature of this LED light, which is not found anywhere else in this luminosity and color splendor. Especially the creation of seamless color gradients over each spotlight is visually an eye-catcher.

In addition, the LIFX Beam Kit offers you integration with all voice control assistants such as Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Flic, Scout, and others. This gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to combine this light with many setups.

With the LIFX app and integrated Wi-Fi, you can also control all the lighting directly from your phone. The app has several settings that allow you to adjust the solid color scheme and brightness, as well as a variety of preset themes and effects.

However, compared to Nanoleaf Canvas, LIFX’s set has some drawbacks. Unfortunately, connecting the panels via the cables at the back is quite annoying, plus voice activation is limited to dimming and changing colors only. The kit from LIFX offers you a unique alternative to Nanoleaf. By the way, the whole thing is also available in tile form, but even more expensive.

Buying Advice for Nanoleaf Alternatives

In addition to the selection criteria already mentioned, beginners should also pay attention to the following features when buying a Nanoleaf alternative.

  • Starter Kits: Depending on the manufacturer, different numbers of light modules are included – sometimes only 3, sometimes more than 15. Therefore, we recommend not only comparing the total costs per starter kit, but paying close attention to the scope of delivery.
  • Synchronization: Many Nanoleaf alternatives can be synchronized with music if desired, thus ensuring an optimal party atmosphere.
  • Networking Options: Compatibility with the Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants can be considered standard for LED modules starting at 100 dollars. HomeKit compatibility, on the other hand, is much rarer to find.
  • Connectors: Some LED modules adhere magnetically to the next element, while others can be plugged or screwed together.


Let’s be honest: There is not really a genuine Nanoleaf alternative at the moment. Despite our recommendations, which are not from Nanoleaf, they often come with many disadvantages.

The bottom line is: No matter which Nanoleaf alternative you choose, you always have to cut back somewhere. Whether it’s the size, color intensity, brightness, functions or installation – there’s always something wrong. There are definitely good and cheaper alternatives to the Aurora series with the new Nanoleaf Shapes and Canvas, but apart from the brand only with limitations.

FAQs on Nanoleaf Alternatives

What do good Nanoleaf Alternatives cost?

Starter sets with several light modules and touch control are available for around $50. For entry-level solutions with more convenience and app control, you usually pay $100 or more.

How do you Mount Nanoleaf Alternatives?

In most cases, manufacturers either supply adhesive strips or provide their light panels with small mounting pre-drilled holes that allow them to be screwed to a wall. Alternatively, brackets for free positioning of the modules on a table or shelf are sometimes included in the delivery.

Is there a Nanoleaf Alternative from Philips Hue?

Signify, the manufacturer of the popular Philips Hue lighting series, offers a large selection of smart lights, but they do not yet have wall panels comparable to Nanoleaf.

What is Nanoleaf Aurora?

Nanoleaf Aurora are the predecessor to the new Nanoleaf Shapes. They are triangular light panels that can be arranged in any order. With 16 million colors, a wide range is covered. Through the Rhythm module, the lights react in real time to the music and transform your home into an atmospheric ambience. All settings can be personalized smartly.

Can I connect Nanoleaf with Alexa?

Yes, Nanoleaf can be connected to Alexa. So you can control it with a voice command. But Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant are also compatible.

Where can I find Inspiration for good Nanoleaf Patterns and Designs?

You can find different patterns and designs in the Nanoleaf applications of the associated app. There you will find various patterns that can be ideally formed from the triangles. These serve as an idea and inspiration, but you can also apply the light panels as you like, just as it comes to your mind.

What is Cololight?

Cololight is the cheapest Nanoleaf alternative. The light panels can be put together in any way due to their good shape. Thus, they can be both set up or attached to the wall. Cololight offers a lot of individuality and flexibility.