Best Cat Ear Headphones for Gaming in 2022

Cat ear headphones for gaming are optical accessories that make the wearer look like they have cute cat ears themselves. The fashionable cat ears are built directly into the headset or can be attached additionally.

What’s the deal with Cat Ears on Gaming Headphones?

The trend with cat ears on gaming headphones comes from Asia and is particularly popular on livestreaming platforms like Twitch. The cute ears are somewhat reminiscent of anime and manga characters, as they exude a certain feminine youthful charm.

Of course, cat ear headphones go down particularly well with men, as they are reminiscent of the bunny effect. Women can stand out with the cat ear headphones.

The cute accessories can be used both outdoors for music and indoors for gaming and streaming on Twitch. Men can wear them too, of course, but use them more as a gimmick.

Who are Headphones with Cat Ears suitable for?

Cat ears on gaming headphones are a fashionable extra, which is especially suitable for the female gender. Very popular are cat ear headphones among women who show up in YouTube videos or Twitch streams.

  • Cat ear headphones are suitable for female gamers who simply need a cool and appealing gaming headphones.
  • For livestreams on Twitch, cat ear headphones are made for and are a great accessory.
  • Cat ears suit anime and manga fans.
  • Cat ears on headphones are very convenient for people who create YouTube videos.
  • Men also use the cat ears on headphones partly for fun and because they are very eye-catching.

Best Cat Ear Headphones

Best Gaming Headset

The Razer Kraken Kitty provides almost everything a cat fan needs to be completely happy. With it, you get a noble gaming headset that also knows how to satisfy higher demands.

The customizable RGB Chroma lighting provides a light highlight in the truest sense and looks great in the dark as well as in the light. The cat ears can glow in different colors. The shapely microphone makes its presence felt with a light element. The streaming lighting on this model responds to online interactions and expressions of emotion through color-changing emojis, for example, which makes it a special experience to work with. However, the greatest thing about this model is its quite serious appearance. This model can easily be worn by men as well and it looks damn good. An indispensable accessory for every proud cat!

However, the Razer not only knows how to please on the outside, but also has a lot to offer technically. The microphone with active noise reduction ensures the best voice quality for streaming or chatting. The Kraken Kitty can also score a lot of points in terms of sound quality. The sound is rich and vivid and even the bass is convincing.

Although Razer’s Cat Ears headset does not have a Bluetooth function, but is connected via USB, this deficit is easily made up for by the high wearing comfort, the durability of the headset, and the sound quality. The ear pads contain a cooling gel, which ensures that the ears do not hurt even after many hours of wearing and that the headset sits comfortably. Thus, hours of music enjoyment or video game fun is guaranteed. The headphones are also built to last and the frame is made with bauxite aluminum to make this possible. Despite all this, the headset is very lightweight and super comfortable to wear.

Price/Performance Pick

The Somic G951S headset in feminine design, impresses with its cute look. Here LED lights flash and sparkle on the sides of the ear cups in the form of cute cat faces. The SOMIC headset has removable cat ears, so that these can be attached or detached to the headset depending on your mood.

The sound is good and impressive especially for this price range. Highs, mids, lows and bass are where they belong and the built-in vibration technology, which also puts you physically in the middle of the action, is a hit when gaming.

The microphone is flexible, solidly built in and can also be heard in terms of sound, the only drawback is that the microphone can not be muted on the headset. If that doesn’t bother you, the G951 is a decent model that sits comfortably and without pressure even after hours.

Spacy and Wacky

The Riwbox CT-7 immediately catches the eye. Not necessarily particularly valuable, but totally spacy and wacky, it is a model for the brave birds of paradise and simply must be mentioned here! Despite its relatively low price, it can keep up with much more expensive models in terms of feel, wearing comfort and sound quality. Who can not be deterred by the poppy exterior, gets solid treble and relatively good bass.

The only drawback here is the size of the model, which is probably intended for smaller heads, a fact that you should definitely consider before buying to avoid unpleasant surprises. The battery life of just over 2 hours on a full charge is also significantly shorter than most competitors in the same price range. All in all, the Riwbox triggers mixed feelings, which we are quickly willing to forget at the sight of this gem! Guaranteed an eye-catcher – Whether by day or night, a model for real party cats!

These headphones in the entry-level price range offer flashing, color-changing cat ears in a rather inconspicuous design and unfortunately they are also very small. A microphone is included. The headphones are foldable, rechargeable and the wearing comfort is not earth-shattering, but still quite comfortable after more than an hour of music enjoyment.

The sound quality is really very decent for a model in this price range. Only the bass leaves much to be desired.

Cheap Pick for Children

If you want it even cheaper and easier for the offspring, reach for the iClever BoostCare children’s headphones. This model, without blinking or detachable ears, made entirely of hard plastic and with an integrated microphone. This headphone is ideally suited for the very young cat fans.

Of course, you can’t expect miracles with this economy model, so the sound quality is quite thin, basses are hardly noticeable and the wearing comfort can be rated as sufficient. The design is, as said, rather unspectacular, but as an entry-level model this should be just right for daily use and the resulting daily stress on the material, especially since the headphones with 118 grams are also very light and can be stowed with a handle in the school bag. However, you should not expect miracles in terms of battery life. Nevertheless, 3 hours of fun are realistic with a fully charged battery.

What should you look for when Buying Gaming Headphones with Cat Ears?

  • The Color and Color Selection: When buying a headset with cat ears, check what colors are available. Pink, neon green or white headsets are best for this purpose.
  • The Look of Cat Ears: Cat ears are ultimately about taste and the ears have to appeal to you visually. Once the shipment arrives at your door, check if you really like cat ears and if the glow comes across well.
  • The Place of Use: A cat ears headset can be used both outdoors and indoors. Outdoors, this is suitable for listening to music and is especially eye-catching. The look is very cute and will catch the eye of many men in a positive way. However, most will simply use a gaming headset with cat ears as a headset for gaming on the PC or streaming on Twitch. On Twitch, cat ears are very popular and just look cute.
  • Wearing Comfort: Since gaming headsets are usually worn permanently for many hours, the wearing comfort is important. This is difficult to determine before buying, but the “Razer Kraken Kitty” model, for example, is known for its high and comfortable wearing comfort.
  • The Quality of the Headphones: The sound quality is one of the most important features of a microphone, and here you should choose high-quality product, which also allows you to recognize from which direction sounds are coming.
  • The Quality of the Microphone: In order to be able to speak with crystal clear voice in Discord, Teamspeak or Twitch stream, you need the best possible microphone, which also has noise cancellation.
  • RGB Lighting: If LED lighting is important to you, always make sure you know if RGB colored lighting is possible and if there are custom color settings before you buy.


A cat ear headphone is a commercially available headphone with cat ears attached to its boom, which give the plain headphone a special charm. They provide an eye-catcher when gaming and enhance the boring headphone.

You can find both wired cat ear headphones and wireless models on the market, which are connected to the end device via a Bluetooth connection. They offer more flexibility and freedom of movement, but are usually also more expensive than wired headphones.

It is important that the cat ear headphone does not pinch and squeeze and still offers a high wearing comfort after hours. You should also pay attention to a convincing sound quality when buying a cat ear headphone.

FAQs for Cat Ear Headphones

Who should buy Cat Ear Headphones?

If you want to create a real highlight while gaming, a cat ears headphones is just the right thing for you. The cat ears set a very special accent.

Are Cat Ear Headphones suitable for Children?

Many cat ear headphones have LED lights and changing colors for an additional eye-catcher.