Bloodborne: Where to go after Vicar Amelia?

After you defeat Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne you received the Gold Pendant and you will ask yourself: Where to go after Vicar Amelia?

After the fight, you can use a lamp and examine the skull on the altar. In a cutscene, you’ll dive into a memory and learn cryptic things, as always. In fact, you received a password and now you have the knowledge to advance towards the Forbidden Forest. The entrance is located in the cathedral ward. Access it through the door requiring the received password. To find the door look for Alfred, when you found him go down the stairs and there is the door.

Where to go after Vicar Amelia?

Tips to beat Vicar Amelia

Good preparation is also the key to victory in this fourth boss fight in Bloodborne. To be prepared for Amelia’s self-healing powers, it’s a good idea to have the Numbing Mist item in your quick selection bar. You can find six of them outside the cathedral in a tower, which you can reach via a ladder.

Like all beast enemies in the game, Vicar Amelia is vulnerable to fire, so Molotov cocktails can help make your life easier in this fight as well.

Amelia attacks mainly from the front. You can easily dodge these attacks by rolling to her side and go straight to the attack. But watch out when she thunders on the ground with both hands closed, this creates a shockwave that causes massive damage in a small radius. If you have equipped Molotov cocktails or the hunter weapon Flamesprayer, take advantage of Amelia’s weakness against fire here as well.

Already in the introductory sequence it is noticeable that Amelia holds a Gold Pendant protectively in her hands all the time. She also does this during the fight, which is why she usually only attacks with her right paw. This gives you the chance to attack especially her left unprotected side.

With less than 50 percent life energy, Vicar Amelia starts to heal herself from time to time. You can tell this by the fact that she puts distance between herself and you and stretches towards the sky with a prayer. Now it’s time for the aforementioned Numbing Mists. Throw them at the beast and the healing process will be interrupted immediately.

Once you’ve sufficiently worked on Amelia’s legs in melee, she’ll occasionally go down to recover, giving you the opportunity for a finisher with the R1 button on her head. After the fight, you can finally snatch the precious Gold Pendant from Vicar Amelia, which, when opened, will grant you a special Blood Gem that you can use to upgrade your weapon.