Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming in 2022

Those who are looking for a new mechanical keyboard for gaming usually have very individual ideas. Besides the size, the technical equipment, the compatibility, coherent illumination, and last but not least good stroke dynamics are among the features according to which the purchase decision is made. In recent years, due to the increased demands and the available range, an additional wish has arisen that is mentioned more and more frequently: The mechanical keyboard should be as quiet as possible.

Quiet gaming keyboards, therefore, enjoy increasing popularity and are gladly bought by gamers of all age groups. To make it easier for you to choose the right product and to show you why silent gaming keyboards are worthwhile, we have compiled the most important information about this product category for you.

Gaming keyboards are often not the quietest keyboards and are rather known for their loud clicking noises. You could buy a membrane keyboard. But there are also quiet mechanical keyboards that let you enjoy the tactile feel without the noise.

Durability and Quiet Usability

A good quality gaming keyboard can make all the difference when a game is really in the heat of battle. The best mechanical keyboards not only offer extra keys, but also a range of tactile response that can be customized to the player’s individual needs and preferences. Gaming keyboards are usually designed for high durability and long life. Manufacturers strive to ensure that every single key can withstand years of use with extensive testing. This is even more true for silent gaming keyboards, as the keys here are technologically designed to muffle the stroke. This should not be at the expense of speed and ease of use.

Quiet gaming keyboards from leading manufacturers also include functions that can manage multiple keystrokes simultaneously and set user-defined macros. It is also often possible to set up individually preferred lighting profiles. All these features make the difference between a simple and cheap gaming keyboard and a model from well-known manufacturers for classic keyboards as well as for quiet gaming keyboards.

Why a Quiet Gaming Keyboard at all?

Besides a comfortable gaming experience, there are often relatively trivial reasons for purchasing a silent gaming keyboard. For example, such a product can reduce noise pollution in the room, which means that parents, roommates, or even small children are not disturbed. Quiet gaming keyboards are also advantageous in very bright apartments or houses. Or are you a streamer and your viewers complain about your loud keyboard? Then you need a quiet keyboard.

After all, the neighbors don’t need to know that exciting games are being played for many hours. And honestly: the constant clicking and clattering of a conventional keyboard can also get on your nerves sometimes. So there are a lot of good reasons to choose a silent keyboard for gaming.

What is the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboard?

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2


If you’re looking for one of the quietest mechanical gaming keyboards around, Corsair’s K70 MK.2 is for you. The MX Silent switches used here absorb quite a bit of noise through special technology, which means you’ll always get quiet keystrokes – so quiet that they almost come close to a membrane keyboard in terms of volume. In addition, the keys are pleasantly easy to press, have a short release point, and will last you forever.

But even away from silent gaming, the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is a very versatile keyboard that you can also use for office work. This keyboard also has a lot of extra features like per-key customizable RGB backlighting, media keys, macro functions for each key, USB passthrough, 100% anti-ghosting, and extra keys for WASD.

The bottom line is that you get an extremely high-quality luxury keyboard that leaves hardly anything to be desired.

Razer BlackWidow V3

Full with Features

The US company Razer, founded in 1988, has also had quiet gaming keyboards in its lineup for some time. The models from this category are primarily aimed at gamers who place a lot of value on high-quality products for gaming.

The Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Pro impresses as probably one of the first and most legendary mechanical gaming keyboards in the world with sophisticated features. The mechanical Yellow Switches enable very smooth keystrokes without tactile feedback – without any annoying noise. The fact that this Razer keyboard is quiet, at the same time, but does not bring any disadvantages in gaming, the player quickly notices.

A quiet gaming keyboard like the BlackWidow V3 is an excellent product for gamers who place a lot of value on a model from the premium segment.

Logitech G915

Best Wireless

Logitech’s wireless G915 is the brand’s flagship. We’re talking about the king of wireless gaming keyboards, which also offers a quiet gaming experience with its linear switches. Not the quietest, but definitely quieter than other models.

In addition, the keyboard is one of the thinnest on the market thanks to its flat case and included low-profile keycaps. Aside from the ultra-thin design, there are some other impressive features hidden under the hood. This quiet mechanical keyboard uses Logitech’s very good Lightspeed technology to provide lag-free wireless gaming.

There’s also Bluetooth functionality (allowing you to connect multiple devices), built-in profiles, programmable macro keys, and full RGB lighting. There are also dedicated media keys, as well as an extremely high-quality build with an aluminum backplate as the base.

The battery life of 30-40 hours (depending on the lighting) is also more than respectable. In short, few keyboards can match the feature set and quality of the G915. Still, this thing is very expensive, which might piss some of you off. But you get your money’s worth here, guaranteed.

Cherry MX Board 3.0 S

Best Overall

The Cherry MX Board 3.0 S uses Cherry Red MX Silent keys – a technology that makes keystrokes comfortable, quiet and precise. Therefore, the model is very good because it is not only relatively inexpensive but also easy to use, as well as comfortable and practical. The abrasion-resistant key buttons come with a model-dependent front-grain finish or dual-sprayed surfaces.

The model also impresses with a great gaming style and a high-quality extruded aluminum case. The intelligent, technical design manages completely without screw connections. And thanks to the so-called Gold Crosspoint precision switches, the operation is smooth and free of interference. Depending on the variant, there are various lighting options – from “off” to monochrome to the RGB spectrum with variations in more than 16 million colors.

Overall a very good quiet gaming keyboard with which you can do nothing wrong.

Fnatic miniSTREAK


The best silent gaming keyboard in a compact Tenkeyless format is the popular Fnatic miniSTREAK. Not only does this keyboard look fantastic, but it also has many gaming features.

The detachable USB-C cable and small form factor of this keyboard make it perfect for on the go, whether it’s LAN or chilling at your buddy’s house. Plus, you get the high-quality Cherry MX Silent Red switches here for quiet and responsive gaming. The Silent Reds are among the quietest gaming switches and are comparable in volume to normal membrane keyboards. They also last for 50 million keystrokes, which means you’ll get a lot of use out of the keyboard.

Despite the high price, you get your money’s worth here. An aluminum-reinforced top, fully customizable RGB lighting, and a very comfortable leather palm rest. So if you’re looking for a small gaming keyboard that’s also quiet, you can’t go wrong with this.

Quiet Gaming Keyboards should have these Features

Quiet gaming keyboards are advantageous for all those gamers who like to concentrate entirely on what’s happening on the screen and don’t like to be distracted by noise. Quiet gaming keyboards are also ideal wherever there are several people in a room. In addition to silent switches, good models also have programmable macro keys. Certain keyboard commands can be stored on them, which can mean a decisive time advantage in fast gaming adventures.

Furthermore, a good feature of quiet gaming keyboards is the presence of so-called multimedia keys. They can be used to control the volume or open a program, for example. Whether the silent gaming keyboard is finally connected via a cable or via WLAN depends on the spatial conditions on the one hand, but also on individual preferences on the other. The bottom line is that good silent gaming keyboards are a useful and indispensable accessory for many gamers thanks to the wide range, the relatively low prices, and the great features.

FAQs for Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

Which Quiet Keyboard from which Manufacturer?

The extensive range of quiet gaming keyboards includes numerous models that are characterized by very quiet operation. Practically all established manufacturers have one or more high-quality silent gaming keyboards in their collection. The question of which model to ultimately choose therefore always depends on the individual ideas and wishes of the respective user. For example, there are extraordinarily stylish keyboards that do not have to be exclusively black but also come up with bright colors. Or would you prefer a white gaming keyboard? The desired connection type – wireless or via a USB port – is also crucial. It can be said that the keyboards found on the market today are very different.

Which Switches for Quiet Mechanical Gaming Keyboards?

As already mentioned, a mechanical keyboard will always be louder than a membrane variant. Therefore, you should only look at keyboards that are equipped with one of the following switch types:

  • Cherry MX Red Silent
  • Cherry MX Black Silent
  • Razer Orange
  • Razer Yellow

Can I make my Keyboard Quieter?

Our recommended keyboards from above are still not quiet enough for you? Or you just can’t part with your current keyboard? Then you can still do something to reduce at least some of the noise.

  • A soft pad reduces the keyboard volume
  • Put damping rubber rings on your key switches
  • Install quieter switches in your keyboard
  • Put foam in the keyboard case to reduce the volume
  • Regular oiling of a keyboard reduces the volume effectively