Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2022

Finding a good gaming mouse for small hands is not easy. Because often the dimensions of the mouse don’t fit for some grip style, or it just doesn’t fit comfortably in the hand. That’s why we present to you here the best small gaming mice that will definitely fit any hand, no matter how small, and all mouse grip styles.

We’ve chosen our selection of the best gaming mice for small hands based on fit & design, price performance, material quality and, of course, gaming performance. The main focus is, of course, that the mice are perfect for all small hands. To ensure that, we have compared, measured and tested countless models.

What is the Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands?

Razer Viper Mini

Best Overall

The Razer Viper Mini is an excellent gaming mouse for small hands. It’s very light, and its incredibly low click latency means that even budding esports players shouldn’t notice any lag. Of course, the light weight makes the Viper Mini perfect for fast-paced shooters as well.

Sensor performance is also excellent, and while the maximum DPI of 8,500 isn’t quite as high as some other models, it’s more than enough for most of you. In addition, there are six programmable buttons, good software and smooth gliding movements.

The good piece is also convincing all along the line in terms of workmanship. The new Speedflex cable has been optimized and is enormously flexible, the case is very stable. The mouse is very comfortable for small hands and can be used in all three grip modes without restrictions.

Cooler Master MM711

Best Very Light

The Cooler Master MM711 is also a perfect gaming mouse for small hands and offers you even more freedom in FPS games with its very light 53g. The honeycomb design further reduces the weight and also gives you a visual eye-catcher.

Although this small gaming mouse is a bit more expensive than the Viper Mini, it also offers you a slightly better sensor with PMW-3389 as well as a minimally better mouse cable. In direct comparison with the Viper, however, you have to make slight concessions in terms of workmanship, assignable buttons and the switches are quite loud.

The MM711 is also ideal for all grip types, no matter which one you prefer. So if you’re looking for an ultra-light gaming mouse for small hands, you’ve come to the right place.

Glorious Model O-

Alternative with best cable and RGB

The PC Gaming Race Glorious O- is the perfect alternative to the Cooler Master MM710. With its light 58g, the Glorious O- plays in the same lightweight league and also comes in a honeycomb look. Both options are more expensive, but the O- has the nicer look. You also have the choice between a glossy or matte surface in white and black.

On top of that, it has an even better cable than the other two small mice and a better build quality than its competitor from Cooler Master. In addition, the Glorious O- is slightly longer and wider, making it more suitable for small hands that aren’t quite so tiny.

Technically, the Glorious O- offers a better sensor than the Viper, but a slightly more limited DPI range compared to the MM710. Regardless, the Pixart 3360 is a competitive E-Sports industry standard sensor that is flawlessly usable for all purposes.

Corsair Katar Pro

Best Wireless

The Katar Pro Wireless is definitely one of the best wireless gaming mice for small hands. With its ‎2.36 x 4.72 x 7.09 inches dimensions, it definitely fits comfortably in your hand, no matter which grip you use it in. Unfortunately, it is relatively heavy at 103g.

Design-wise, the Katar Pro also differs slightly from the other recommendations in our best-of list. First and foremost is the low-profile ambidextrous design, which is more suited for fingertip and clawgrip. On the sides, however, you’ll find lightly textured surfaces to ease the grip for palmgrippers.

The main feature here, however, is the fantastic wireless connectivity with Bluetooth as well as 2.4G support. This gives you a lot of flexibility in how you use it, and you can also pair the mouse with other devices.

So if you’re looking for a reliable compact wireless mouse, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this. Small sacrifices in terms of build quality and a reduced sensor can be accepted for the price.

Razer DeathAdder v2 Mini

Best for Right Handers

Razer manages an overall good mouse with the DeathAdder V2 Mini. The proven shape has been transferred to a smaller format and the included grip tape can offer users with the corresponding preference a real added value.

The mouse is only suitable for the palm grip, where the entire hand rests on the mouse. Due to its size, the mouse is very suitable for small hands.

Gaming Mouse for Small Hands Guide: What to Look for When Buying?

Before buying a gaming mouse for small hands, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Size: The size of the gaming mouse plays a decisive role for small hands. A gaming mouse that is too large makes playing enormously difficult, which is why a gaming mouse for small hands should be small. A length of 4.7 inches and a width of 2.7 inches should not be exceeded.
  • Sampling Rate: The speed at which a gaming mouse can be clicked has a significant effect on the success of the game. A delayed transmission of the optical data can have a negative effect.
  • Weight: A wired gaming mouse usually weighs less than a wireless gaming mouse for small hands due to the saved battery. The smaller the hand size, the lighter the gaming mouse should be.
  • Programmable Keys: Programmable keys bring enormous competitive advantages. Individual commands, as well as key combinations, can be easily programmed to the respective key. But programmable keys are not only advantageous for gaming. When working with a gaming mouse, it helps immensely if the individual keys can be assigned with different commands.
  • Wireless Gaming Mouse: Small hands often manage well with a cable on the mouse. There are many models of gamer mice that are less well equipped wirelessly, as most of the features consume a lot of energy.
  • Battery Life: Gaming mice for small hands may not have much room for a rechargeable battery, but many mice still last a long time in continuous use. When used occasionally, the integrated battery often only needs to be recharged once a month.
  • Lighting: Gaming mice with energy-saving LED lighting are particularly convenient. In the dark, the eyes do not tire as quickly with weak lighting.
  • Price-Performance: Small hands benefit from a balanced price-performance ratio in gaming mice, because the most expensive model is not always the one that fits best in the hand.

Who Should You Get a Small Gaming Mouse?

Besides your hand size, other criteria also play a role. If the following statements apply to you, then you could benefit from a small gaming mouse:

  • You prefer fingertip grip: Gaming mice for small hands are especially suitable for this
  • You generally prefer lighter mice
  • You prefer gaming with lower mouse sensitivity
  • You often lift the mouse during gaming to realign it

What Happens if You Get a Mouse That is Too Big Despite Having Small Hands?

If you use a gaming mouse that is too big, it can have some disadvantages for your health as well as the gaming experience.

Among other things, gaming requires accuracy and speed. The mouse click has to be fast and precise so that the units land in the desired place and the attack on the opponent is initiated in time. If the mouse is too big, certain buttons cannot be reached optimally. Especially mice with programmable buttons can have problems, because the small hand makes it difficult to reach the important buttons. In the long run, a mouse that is too large or not optimally shaped can also cause pain. Tension, cramps or even tendonitis can be the result.

Too small hands can therefore cause various problems when gaming. If the fingers do not lie optimally on the mouse buttons and the ball of the hand does not rest comfortably, the gaming pleasure is quickly gone. This makes it all the more important to choose the right gaming mouse, if the hands are smaller than usual.

Small Gaming Mouse also for Women and Girls

Small gaming mouse makes them ideal for women, girls, teenagers and people with particularly small hands. It is also important to choose a mouse that has programmable buttons. Then the usual buttons can be reprogrammed if necessary, should they not be reached optimally despite a small mouse. Lastly, the price must also be considered when buying a gaming mouse.

If the hands are small, the weight on the mouse can often affect the gaming pleasure, because the precision is best when the mouse lies flat and can be moved optimally on the surface. Choose a gaming mouse that fits well under the hand and can be moved comfortably. The test in a specialist store provides clarity when choosing the right gaming mouse.

Final Words

Size, ergonomics, features, DPI and price: there are quite a few things to consider when buying a gaming mouse. People with small hands need to consider a few things in addition to the classic quality features. For example, the mouse should not be too big. Manufacturers like Razer and Corsair have mice on offer that are a maximum of 3.9 to 4.7 inches long.


Why is a Special Gaming Mouse needed for Small Hands?

Keys are easier to reach when the gaming mouse fits ergonomically well in the hand. PC mice for small hands often come with anti-slip protection, since they are often used by children.

Can Normal Gaming Mice also be used for Gaming with Small Hands?

This varies from case to case and therefore cannot be answered across the board. Most gaming mice have a size that is adapted to the majority of people. Essential for a small-handed gaming mouse is above all the programmability of the buttons and the flexible carrying of a player profile. A high click rate like wired gaming mice additionally has a favorable effect in gaming.